Severe mental health problems don’t just appear out of the blue. There are early warning signs that are common indicators that something isn’t right. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all test to diagnose if you have a mental health issue. But identifying these symptoms can reveal if our well-being is worse than normal and signal if you need help.

Excessive worrying or fear

Having a strong nervous feeling, sometimes without an identifiable reason


Mood swings

Severe changes in emotion can be a concern, especially when it happens often and persists for a long time.


Social isolation

Withdrawing from friends and family, while losing interest in hobbies are serious warning signs that could indicate developing mental health problems.


Not taking care of themselves

This might be engaging in risky behaviours like drugs or alcohol abuse. Your hygiene can be neglected as well as you lose interest in your personal appearance.


Feeling hopeless

When we have mental health problems we are often filled with a sense of dread and feel overwhelmed. If you are feeling hopeless and that life is too hard to go on, this is a common and serious sign of mental health problems.

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