Join us on Social Media this May to celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month.


  • Every day this month, watch a NEW video to learn about mental health, from trusted professionals in Sarawak
  • This program is a partnership between MHAS and UNIMAS.
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Press Release

Announcing “Mental Health Awareness Month” Online Awareness Campaign

Mental Health Association of Sarawak (MHAS), in collaboration with Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS), is excited to launch our month-long celebration of Mental Health Awareness Month this May with an engaging online campaign. Through bite-sized social media videos (reels) on Instagram and Facebook, we’ll bring valuable insights and information about a variety of mental health issues directly to you. In a world flooded with online content, it can be tough to know what advice to trust. That’s why we’ve enlisted qualified local mental health specialists and advocates to help increase your awareness, with reliable information.

Campaign Highlights

By following the campaign, you will:

  • Discover practical coping strategies
  • Understand the experiences of people living with ADHD, bipolar disorder, and other disorders
  • Discover ways to improve your well-being and resilience
  • Learn about life events that can trigger mental health challenges for families, such as grief, aging, and trauma
  • Find out how to recognize signs that your child may need support
  • Get to know the mental health professionals serving our communities across Sarawak
  • Find out about the support that is available for everyone to access


Where to view the campaign

Catch our daily reels on Instagram at @mhasarawak, or view the campaign on Facebook: Follow the hashtags #mhasarawak and #mham2024.

Don’t forget to like, share and join the conversation in the comments.

Support our work

Support our cause by scanning the QR code in the campaign using SarawakPay (SPay Global app) and making  a donation of any amount you can afford! For the price of a cup of coffee, you could contribute to providing essential support. If half of Sarawak’s working adults donated just RM10, MHAS could extend mental health services to every person in need across our region. Your donations will fund our free counselling services, outreach and training programmes, and residential home for persons with mental health conditions. For more information about this campaign, contact Sylvester Nelson at or 016–8082015.

Join us in our mission to raise mental health awareness in our communities. Together, we can make a difference. Remember, our community’s mental health is everyone’s responsibility.


1st May 2024

Mental Health Association of Sarawak (MHAS)

Contact Person :

Dr Dylan Williams ( Project Coordinator)

Tel : 012-8007918


About Mental Health Association of Sarawak

Established in 1968, the Mental Health Association of Sarawak (MHAS) is here to help everyone dealing with mental health issues, including their families. We’re a non-governmental organisation (NGO) that works alongside others in our community and the public and private sectors to make sure people know where to find help and feel supported. Our goal is simple: to make sure no one has to face mental health challenges alone and to make talking about and dealing with these issues a normal part of life for everyone.

Caption: (Left to Right) Mdm Gill Raja (presenting: Impact of Abuse on Mental Health), Dr Ng Boon Seng (Project Coordinator, presenting: Childhood Mental Health), Miss Joan Sim Jo Jo (presenting: Mental Health Issues among People with Disabilities).

Download press release here

Dr Robert Drahman
Psychological First Aid
Rebecca Chang
Exam Stress
Wan Xin
Grief and Loss

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