Just like our physical bodies, our minds can also become unwell. There are many types of mental illnesses. But just like with physical sickness, there is treatment and support available for our mental health.

Find out more about common conditions people can experience, and what to do if you are struggling.


18% of all adults suffer from anxiety. But only 36% of those who suffer actually get the help they need.


Bipolar Disorder

The biggest myth about bipolar disorder is that it’s not real, or it’s a character flaw. People with Bipolar Disorder cannot just get better overnight by thinking it’s not there.


It’s one of the most misunderstood terms of mental health illness. Being depressed is much more than feeling “sad”.



If you feel you have schizophrenia, you are not alone. Speak to someone for help – it is a treatable illness.



Some stress can be helpful to push us to achieve goals. But too much stress can have bad consequences. Here’s how to recognise when it’s built up and how to manage it.


Find out how drug and alcohol use can affect your mental health and how to check if you’re using too much.


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