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  • Mental Health

    Feeling Worried or Anxious?

    Here you can find some guidance, and essential mental health advice for coping in these difficult times.

  • Talk to our Community online

    Many of our staff are now working through social media to stay in contact with our clients and community. Contact us through Facebook, or join our Mind Brew online conversation

    Mental Health
  • Mental Health

    Need Urgent Mental Health Support

    Find out where you can get help in Sarawak during the MCO, which Medical and psychiatric services are operating, and what support lines available. Don’t suffer in silence

  • Mental Health

    COVID-19 Advice and Information

    Find the latest information published by local and international resources, to help keep you informed, and know how to stay safe.

  • Mental Health


    Depression is the second most common health problem, according to the WHO. It’s difficult to ignore, but many still aren’t aware of the impact of mental health issues on our daily lives. But as Dr Chisholm once said, “without mental health there can be no true physical health”.

  • Mental Health


    Despite how common mental health issues are, it is still a poorly misunderstood topic. People can treat others or themselves based on misconceptions. We can challenge these myths by understanding mental health issues.

  • Mental Health


    There are a lot of ways you can become involved in our activities. We need all the support we get, and an extra hand is always welcome! Find out more about how you can contribute or learn more about what we do.

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