We are a non-profit voluntary organization in Sarawak that aims to raise awareness of mental health and promote better care of our well being.

What we do

We provide community services and support to anyone who is suffering from mental health illnesses.

One in five people suffers from mental health illnesses. Among young people, these issues continue to increase. Many want to reach out for help, but don’t know where to look.

As a community, we want to change this. We want everyone to be able to face these challenges together.

MHAS is a non-government organization (NGO) which has the objectives of promoting good mental health amongst the general population and providing support and community services to those who are affected by mental health issues, giving attention to both sufferers and caregivers.

MHAS works closely with the relevant bodies in the private sector and also with the government department.



To be the best organization in providing mental health services and to promote awareness to enhance the quality of life within the community.



  1. To promote mental health through educational activities
  2. To provide rehabilitation for the mentally ill
  3. To advocate the right of the mentally ill
  4. To be involved in mental health research
  5. To maintain contact with relevant organization
  6. To formulate guidelines to enhance the general operation of the association


Support us

As a non-government organisation (NGO), our primary goal is to raise awareness of mental health illnesses and ensure everyone can find help.

Support our cause to champion mental health awareness by volunteering or donating.

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