Social Media, Mental Health and Suicide

  • Public Forum to discuss issues relating to mental health and suicide among users of social media (particularly youth)
  • Opportunity to ask questions to a panel of diverse professionals
  • Talks and information given to support parents, teachers, and youth

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Looking for Support?

If you have been affected by any of the issues discussed in the forum, you may want to talk with someone.
Below are contact details for local support services.

Befrienders is a not-for-profit organisation providing emotional support, to people who are lonely, in distress, in despair, and having suicidal thoughts
Please visit Befrienders Kuching Facebook or call 082-242 800

MHA Sarawak 1:1 Support and Counseling service – click here


If you are looking for further information about the topics discussed today you can Contact Us to make an inquiry

This webpage will also be updated shortly with useful links to online resources to support parents, teachers, and social media users to understand more about healthy responsible social media and online use.

Cybersafe Youth Cyber Wellness – a new information service supported by the Malaysian government
more information …

The public forum “Social Media, Mental Health and Suicide: Lowering the Risks” took place on the 7th of July 2019.

Thank you to our panel of speakers, and to everybody who attended the event, and helped with its organization.

The event was attended by over 130 people from the local community, as well as representatives from the media. The discussions provided illuminating insight into the difficulties faced by young people using social media, and particularly the concerns that people have over the mental health of young people in Sarawak.

The audience asked some powerful questions, and our panelists provided some thoughtful answers and hopefully some solutions that we can all take forward and use in the future for the betterment of our community wellbeing and mental health.

Risk factors from the social media and the online world were a major topic of discussion, and speakers fielded questions on topics such as how to support people in desperate or suicidal situations, as well as how schools and parents can support young people to be safer and more responsible in online communities.

There will no doubt be people who still have many questions and concerns about the issues raised during the forum discussions. This webpage contain some information and guidance for people who wish to read more about the topic.

MHA Sarawak and Befrienders, who jointly organized the event, are continuing their efforts working on the issues discussed during the forum, and will be providing more public information about this in the near future. In the meantime, please direct any media related inquiries, and/or personal and professional questions to MHA Sarawak

Were you an audience member, volunteer, or participant? MHAS and Befrienders Kuching are eager to hear your views about the event. We would really value your feedback to help provide support and develop related projects, and to understand what you want to see from MHAS and Befrienders projects in the future.

Please follow the link below and complete the short survey to give us feedback.

MHAS are always interested in what our users (THAT’S YOU) would find useful. If you have any ideas for mental health related topics that you would like us to address through community discussions, or through other means, please let us know using the form below. We genuinely value your input in helping make MHAS a more meaningful and socially valuable community resource.

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