Our work involves giving support to the public in keeping on top of their mental health. Whether this means educating, training or giving support, we continue to evolve our services to meet the community’s needs

Counselling Service

Feel like you need to talk to someone? MHAS are offering its first-ever talking therapy service.

If you feel like you want to talk to someone about your problems that isn’t your friends or family, counselling can be the start of your therapeutic recovery as you discover more about yourself.

Mental Health Promotion

We continue to campaign to raise awareness of mental health at various events and on different platforms.

We’d love to have you on board if you’d like to get involved! Find out how to join us here!


MHAS provides training for people who want to improve their mental health toolkit. Whether you are in a position to support others or just want to learn how to take care of yourself better, it’s always useful to top up your knowledge.

Group Home

Mental health disorders are still poorly misunderstood. For those who suffer from them, it is a confusing and difficult time when people around you don’t know how to support you.

The Group Home project provides shelter and a safe space for people who need time to figure out how to get on the path to effective recovery.

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